i-Sizeze Media is a

Media Production House


A strong online presence is extremely valuable in this digital age. i-Sizeze Media is a production house dedicated to creating media content for the built environment. We offer a range of service specifically catered to your needs and requests

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i-Sizeze Media

CPD Training Content

i-Sizeze Media is always on the lookout for companies and individuals to collaborate with to create valuable online CPD training. Creating CPD content with us will not cost you a cent and is also a valuable alternative form of marketing.

Conference Coverage

Want to reach a wider audience for your event?

Let us cover your conference.

We can CPD validate these conference sessions if the content is of standard!


Taking time out of your employees day for live in-house training can take a lot away from your days productivity. What if you could digitize this training in the form a comprehensive e-course?

This way employees have the freedom to complete their training at their own pace and in their own time. For our e-course we us the revolutionary Adobe Captivate ELearning Tool. This software makes it easy to combine text, audio, and video to design the perfect e-course.

Web Videos

i-Sizeze Media is fully equipped to create valuable online video content for your company . Allow us to improve your company’s online presence; whether you need a video-ad, web content for you clients, or video coverage of your exciting projects! Contact us for any of your video production and marketing needs.


Is your company sitting on some interesting and valuable information? Are you a specialist in a field but a bit camera-shy? Podcasts are the perfect solution. i-Sizeze Media can help you script, record, and produce quality podcasts.

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