Professional Registration Coaching (TM)

  • Mature professional applicant guidance
  • Assisting professionals to gain their registration in a certain timeframe.
  • Structured guidance program
  • Regular one on one sessions

Structured Candidate Phase Program

  • Free workshop
  • Support in admin processes
  • Overseeing of reports and logbooks.
  • Program developed to achieve Councils objectives

Mentorship Program

  • Join our group of professional mentors across all the disciplines in the Built Environment
  • Step by step assistance and guidance
  • Free information sessions
  • Online support

CPD Portfolio Management

  • Manage CPD Portfolios of Company or Individual.
  • Arrange and Facilitate Workshops and Validations.
  • One Stop CPD Shop (CPD online, Live CPD workshops)

CPD Policy Advisors

  • Professional development
  • CPD Policy Formulation.
  • Implementation of CPD Policy.
  • Implementation of Systems to Support CPD.

Outsourced HR Services

  • Work Skills Plan (WSP) submissions
  • CETA funding applications
  • BB-BEE Verification Consultations
  • Employment Equity Management
  • Work Skill Placement Assessment