Project Description

This hour long Panel discussion tackled the controversial Issue of Nuclear Energy in South Africa. This group of individual had to answer to some tough audience questions on government censorship as well as the true costs of nuclear both environmentally and economically.

Panelists include Group 5 Director of Construction-Mr. Des Muller, Areva Managing Director-Dr. Yves Gauenon, Lesedi Nuclear Services Development Manager-Mr. Shane Pereira,Rosatum regional Vice President–Mr Victor Polikarkov,and Mr Gaopalelwe Santswere.

Watch the panel discussion

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Test Preview

  • A.) What is the name of the only Nuclear Power Plant in South Africa?

    (1) Koeberg  (2) Medupi (3) We don’t have one

  • B.) What industry in South Africa makes our economy very dependent on electricity?

    (1) Tourist Industry (2) Agricultural Industry (3) Mining Industry

  • C.) Will Nuclear Energy be used to supply baseload, or will it mostly help with peaking and balancing of South Africa’s electricity supply?

    (1) Baseload (2) Peaking and balancing

  • D.) A Nuclear Power Plant needs 24 tonnes of what element to produce 1 GW/h of electricity?

    (1) Uranium (2) Platinum

  • E.) When compared to Coal Plants, Nuclear Energy plants:

    (1) are less capital intensive to build (2) Produce much less green house gases (3) Have a shorter construction period

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